Animations Added


I have been asked by several people for animations for these these characters but I just haven't had the time, luckily by recruiting some help i was able to get it done :D

So i cannot take any credit for these animations as they were all done by my brother, big thanks to him :) Anyway, most characters have 4 idle frames and 4 walking frames, some characters use the same animations for both actions so they only have four frames.  

Below are some samples of the animated characters 

So i hope you enjoy these animated characters, an animation update for my other asset pack is also in the works if you'ed like those animated too be sure to stay in touch :)

Anyway, that's all from me, hope you enjoy



Enchanted Forest Characters with animations.png 29 kB
Oct 12, 2019

Get 16x16 Enchanted Forest Characters


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Thanks Sup