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I few months ago I uploaded a supplemental pack to 0x72's Dungeon Tileset II and everyone seemed to like it, so  here's another one for you to use in your own games and projects. This time the characters are centered around a fantasy NPC theme but of course with a little imagination they could be used for all kinds of things

These assets are completely free so you can use them however you like, in free and commercial projects and you can even modify them to suit your needs, you don't need to credit me but it is greatly appreciated if you do, and don't forget: have fun :)

the pack includes (for now):  

  • two ordinary village folk (male and female) 
  • a king
  • a queen
  • a princess 
  • a mountain king
  • a blacksmith 
  • an old magic shopkeeper
  • a herald or town crier 
  • an alchemist 
  • nuns (three sizes to match the monks from my previous asset pack )
  • a bishop 
  • a butcher 
  • an executioner
  • an archer 
  • a thief or some kind of rascal :)
  • an apprentice wizard
  • and a merchant from a distant land   

And now with the imperial guard update 

  • a royal knight
  • a heavy royal knight
  • an elite royal knight 
  • a large royal knight 
  • a large elite knight

This asset pack was inspired by 0x72's amazing work, which you can find here, go check it out :)

This project is in an active state of development and will receive several updates and new characters, so if you like it be sure to check back every now and then. Also, if you have any ideas or characters that you would like just leave a comment and i'll do my best to include your idea in an update :)

v1.2 added all the knight characters

v1.3 added animations for all the characters

also, check out my first asset pack for more characters

Now, go and make something awesome :D 

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Sprites, Top-Down


Fantasy RPG NPCs - Individuel Frames.rar 188 kB
Characters 6 kB

Install instructions

You can download the zip file which contains all characters and animations as individual frames all arranged and labeled nicely for you :) just download and extract with an unzip software like Winrar

Enjoy :D


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Hello, I made a game "Stuck In Dungeon" for Android. If you wanna check it out I'd be very pleased :). There is a link: "Stuck In Dungeon".

Hey, I didn't use much, but I used 2 or 3 of the assets you've created towards making my first game! (https://costellae-studios.itch.io/extinctions-edge)

Hey you've got some really nice work on here. I've used this and your enchanted forest characters, alongside other work from 0x72, in a little demo I've just released: https://ringot.itch.io/backtothedark

Epic! I will use these with credit in a scratch game I am making

Just added some of your cool sprites to my roguelite shooter! https://omiod.itch.io/kais 


Hey! I'm creating a blockchain game and I've really liked your textures. May I use them as NFTs in my project

Hey man! Sure, go ahead :) I still don't really understand NFTs, lol but best of luck. And thank you for asking first, I appreciate it :D

Thank you so much!! I'll give you the link and mention you in credits as far as I'll finish my game

Thanks for this, using in my private prototyping, very nice!

Yo' I used some of the characters in your pack on a little game for a Jam, you big guys were really good for bosses.  Keep up the awesome work!

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Hey, I used your characters pack for a game jam ! The Bored Pixel Jam #8. It was one week jam, I finished 2nd, here is the link of the game if you want to try : https://cybertoasty.itch.io/cooking-heroes

It's a game about a demon gourmet cooking heroes to feed his customers ! You have to catch people, throw them into ovens and feed them to your clients !

I also used your forest characters pack !

Awesome assets by the way !

Thank you, I didnt use them just as a reference this is exactly the reference I needed!

Hey hey! Thank you so much for the sprites, they were perfect for my latest game, The King's Cellar!


Hey man, I know this is super late by I just wanted to let you know that I did play your game and I really enjoyed it :) The gameplay was great, the story was simple but funny, and it made me smile to see my name in the credits. Well done! I'm glad you found my art useful :)


Oh wow, thanks man! Your art definitely influenced the design a bit. I didn't know I was going to have a thief character, or what his special ability would be until I came across your thief, for example. :)

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Would you mind putting a proper license on this? The Free Software Foundation has a good explanation of why “informal licenses” are bad. (TL;DR: In some countries, the law might interpret a not-precise-enough license statement as invalid and, thus, “All Rights Reserved”.)

(If you want to see how far that “other jursidictions” thing goes, take a look at this analysis of how far the CC0 has to go to achieve “like Public Domain” status in Germany’s “protect the creator from giving away too much” system.

(eg. Germany’s legal system prevents you from giving away rights that didn’t exist at the time you made your statement, so the CC0 includes a clause where you make a legally binding promise not to sue over rights that get written into law later.)

Once you’ve got a license on it, it’ll probably wind up in my Libre Game Assets list and I’m willing to do that for any asset set you put up under a suitable license.

I wish I had time to implement more content and use more of these sprites, but I at least used the scoundrel as my shopkeeper for my game jam dungeon crawler, "Orcs and Doors"

Hi, Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed playing although I only managed to get to the 2nd level., haha. I'm glad you found the sprites useful. Cheers!

used in my game https://redpolas.itch.io/help-zombies
increible asset! thanks!

Thank you for sharing! I really loved the game, you did an amazing job!
some of the levels were really hard! i had so skip over one or two in the forest, haha , but i got as far as the city and unlocked the beefy dude.

I had great fun playing and i'm glad you found my art useful! 

Cheers :D

Graficos fodas \o/ amei, vou usar. Muito obrigado 

de nada! Estou feliz que você gostou :)


Thank you!

You're welcome!! :D

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Awesome assets man keep up the good work!

Thanks! I really appreciate it :) 

Hey man!
Have any thoughts when it comes out the animated sprites? i have a game that i made for college ready for it, i would love to use this arts!

Actually now i see it's a platformer pack of sprites, i would need a top down one, but i loved the arts, dude, superb job!


Hey! Thanks, glad you like the art!

Apologies for the late reply but I wanted to let you know that the sprites can be used in top down projects.

here are some examples of the same/similar art style in top down games 

as for animation, it is high on my to do list so if you liked the art and think that it would suit your game, it is entirely possible to use these sprites in a top down game  

Wishing you an happy new year and good luck with your game!

Cheers :D 

I'll be waiting the animated sprites bro, love this style of pixel art!


Hey man

Just wanted to let you know that the animated characters are now available for download 

hope you like the animations and thanks again! 

Once again, superb job bro, i'll try to implement your arts, i love this style of tiny pixel art, by the way, do you have a contact ? LinkedIN or something else

looks great!

are you by chance going to make an animated version?

Thanks! yes I am working on a animated version, it is actually almost finished and it should be out within the week.


can’t wait!

Hi there! Any chance this version is out yet?

Hey, BluePC1, sorry for the late reply but I've been having internet problems for the past few days so the animated version won't be until i can get my internet fixed, which will hopefully be sometime next week :)

I might be blind, but is it out yet?

Absolutely! I didn't put out a devlog or update the page but if you want the animated version you need to download the "Fantasy RPG NPCs - Individual Frames.rar" file, it should contain all the animations as individual sprites. Enjoy! :)    

Dude your works are really nice!!! I mean it!

Thanks :)

Wuuuw, you regained access to itch, I'm glad for you :)

Awesome asset pack btw, it really match 0x72's style :)

Hey! :D yeah i'm back on itch and i'm really happy

glad you like the assets :)