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I few months ago I uploaded a supplemental pack to 0x72's Dungeon Tileset II and everyone seemed to like it, so  here's another one for you to use in your own games and projects. This time the characters are centered around a fantasy NPC theme but of course with a little imagination they could be used for all kinds of things

These assets are completely free so you can use them however you like, in free and commercial projects and you can even modify them to suit your needs, you don't need to credit me but it is greatly appreciated if you do, and don't forget: have fun :)

the pack includes (for now):  

  • two ordinary village folk (male and female) 
  • a king
  • a queen
  • a princess 
  • a mountain king
  • a blacksmith 
  • an old magic shopkeeper
  • a herald or town crier 
  • an alchemist 
  • nuns (three sizes to match the monks from my previous asset pack )
  • a bishop 
  • a butcher 
  • an executioner
  • an archer 
  • a thief or some kind of rascal :)
  • an apprentice wizard
  • and a merchant from a distant land   

And now with the imperial guard update 

  • a royal knight
  • a heavy royal knight
  • an elite royal knight 
  • a large royal knight 
  • a large elite knight

This asset pack was inspired by 0x72's amazing work, which you can find here, go check it out :)

This project is in an active state of development and will receive several updates and new characters, so if you like it be sure to check back every now and then. Also, if you have any ideas or characters that you would like just leave a comment and i'll do my best to include your idea in an update :)

also, check out my first asset pack for more characters

Now, go and make something awesome :D 


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looks great!

are you by chance going to make an animated version?

Thanks! yes I am working on a animated version, it is actually almost finished and it should be out within the week.


can’t wait!

Hi there! Any chance this version is out yet?

Hey, BluePC1, sorry for the late reply but I've been having internet problems for the past few days so the animated version won't be until i can get my internet fixed, which will hopefully be sometime next week :)

Dude your works are really nice!!! I mean it!

Thanks :)

Wuuuw, you regained access to itch, I'm glad for you :)

Awesome asset pack btw, it really match 0x72's style :)

Hey! :D yeah i'm back on itch and i'm really happy

glad you like the assets :)