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I recently started using 0x72’s Dungeon Tileset I and II to prototype my game (currently in development) and I liked the characters so much I decided to practice my pixel art skills by making some of my own and sharing them with everyone.

This asset is completely free, like the original, you can use them however you like, in free or commercial projects, you can modify the sprites and no credit is required (but would be appreciated)

The pack includes:

  •  A forest bandit
  •  A dire wolf
  •  A bear
  •  Mushroom Folk (Small, Medium and Large)
  •  A troll brute
  •  Centaurs (male and female)
  •  A forest guardian (golden armour dude)
  •  Wood Elves (male and female)
  •  A high elven princess
  •  The Elvenking
  •  An ent or treeman
  •  A forest ranger
  •  An old hermit wizard       
  •  An elite high elf knight (in the green cloak) 
  •  Travelling clerics (three sizes)  
  •  A fairy   
  •  A golem (golems are cool : ) )   
  •  A gnoll overseer   
  •  A gnoll shaman  
  •  A gnoll brute   
  •  A gnoll grunt 

All the characters have (as the name suggests) a fantasy woodland theme so now you can create your own Darkroot Garden or Ashenvale ;)

 If you make anything with these assets, drop a link in the comments if you want and I’ll check it out, I’d love to see what you make with these.

 All original assets were created by 0x72, check them out here if you haven’t already, they’re amazing!  

Want more characters like this?

Install instructions

You can either download all the characters with animations as a single PNG or download the zip file which contains all characters and animations as individual frames all arranged and labeled nicely for you :) just download and extract with an unzip software like Winrar

Enjoy :D


Enchanted Forest Characters with animations.png 29 kB
Enchanted Forest - Individual Frames.rar 218 kB

Development log


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kindly upload individual_frames.zip for the animation, and for convenience on other game engines. 

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I just uploaded a zip file with all animations as individual frames, hope this helps


very nice, and congrats your asset is wonderful :) 

Thank You! Glad you like them :)

I'm not sure if this is just me, but are the assets the gifs of each individual character? Because when I download it the file comes as a png of all the characters with no animation. 

Hey FardinZ

As it currently stands, none of the characters have any animations, they are made up of a single sprite all in one png so you have the correct file :) 

but quite a lot of people seem to be asking about animations so i'm going to try and add some animations to all the characters some time in the near future, but since i'm busy with other projects i don't know when i'll have time to tackle this :/

hope this helps

Thanks! This clears up a lot

Hi Superdark!

I love your pixel art! This one is my favorite! Tomorrow the 103$ Adventure Game Challenge is starting. I was wondering if you want to make a game with me. It would be really awesome! Just let me know what you think about it

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Hi, Hot Pancake Studios 

I know this is last second, but yeah, i'd like to join in :)  

you can email me the details and we can chat about it (i'll answer within 8 - 12 hours.

Once you have my email please let me know so that a can delete it from this post, thanks

Looking forward to working with you :D


Hi Superdark,

Can you make it so that the characters actually move, I'm not exactly an art-expert so I have no idea how to make it that way. But just this plane sprite isn't going to help me in my game

Hi GatesToHell,

I have considered adding animations to the characters but i don't know if and when i'll have time for that, i'm busy on a new asset pack so once I've done that i might come back here but i can't promise anything :/

That would be really helpful! Thanks!

Do you accept donations?

Not at the moment :)

I am currently working on getting PayPal set up in order to publish a small commercial asset pack.

Once I've done that i will also accept donations on my free assets.

Hope this helps :)

Cheers :D  

Hi Superdark thanks for your assets they look really nice! I'm wondering if I could contact you via email since I got some art ideas for my game and wanna discuss with you. Cheers!

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Hey Lyxleo, glad you like the characters :) if you want to contact me directly, you can use my email address

once you have the address please leave a reply here telling me that you have it so i can delete it from this post, thanks :)

I'm looking forward to chatting with you, cheers!  

I've received your email address, thanks for your reply! :)

Thanks, what program did you do this?

If i remember correctly it was GIMP, but i use Aseprite now :)

hey superdark. thank you for this great "extension"-pack for 0x72’s Dungeon Tileset. is there a plan to add the full animation set for the characters? i would love to use the wolf in my game.



Hey, Philikran

glad you like the assets, i have thought of adding animations to all the characters, I've been pretty busy lately but i'll see what i can do, I can't promise anything but keep your fingers crossed :)

and good luck with your game :D

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Hey Superdark, I'd like to get in contact with you about some art plans.

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Hey! Sorry for replying late (been having problems with itch.io)

If you want to contact me directly, you can send me an email and we can chat.

just let me know when you have it so i can delete the email address from this reply 

thank you so much for thinking of me, i'm looking forward to talking to you 

cheers :)

I have it thanks


Thanks, sorry for replying so late (been kinda busy (Ludum Dare 44))

Good work


Looks lovely.


nice! : )

So  happy that you like the asset, it's made my day! :D

I also want to say thank you so much for your amazing art. I almost quit working on my game because I didn't know how to do the art, then I found your art assets on itch.io and immediately fell in love with it.

keep up the great work : )   


You keep working on your project as well! I'm looking forward to play your game : D

Thanks for this great assets man I love it

You're welcome

Thank u for this amazing asset pack, I have made a game out of this and eventually will release it.

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Thanks, so glad you like it. Can't wait to play your game! ;)