A downloadable asset pack


This is a bunch of fantasy, knights-and-dragons type weapons that i made in a weekend, hope you enjoy :D

Everything in this pack is completely free so you can use it however you want, you can even change it and redistribute the changed work. No credit is needed but is highly appreciated. 

Also if you made something cool with these assets and you want to share it, you can put a link in the comments and I'll be more than happy to go check it out.

The pack includes over 30 unique weapons and if your a fan of the Souls games you might recognize some of them. That being said there should plenty of verity among them.

These weapons were made to fit a 64 x 64-ish size characters, and although they were made with a Lovecraftian, dark fantasy, sidescroller in mind, with a little imagination they can be use for all sorts of projects 

I might be adding some more stuff soon, so if you don's see something that should be here, I might put it in sometime in the near future

some things I want to include are:

  • Magic Weapons (staffs, enchanted swords, runes, etc.)
  • Orc weapons
  • Demon weapons
  • Ranged weapons (and possibly Elvish weapons)
  • Shields

If you have any ideas, of suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments

- Thanks! :) 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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GenrePlatformer, Role Playing
Tags2D, Anime, Dark, Fantasy, Horror, Pixel Art, Sprites, Swords


64x64 fantasy weapons.png 5 kB

Install instructions

The weapons aren't arranged nicely on a grid (I'll try fix this), so you'll probably have to space them out a bit in your preferred image editor in order to easily slice them up in Unity or whatever you use :/   


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license to use? viodegame commercial?

Hi, You can use it however you like, even for commercial projects. no credit is required but is greatly appriciated :)

Nice, 4 stars

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This is AWESOME.

Thank you, I absolutely love pixel things !

Is the characters in the screenshots available for download as well ? They are so beautiful :o

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Hi! so sorry for replying so late.

the characters in the screenshots were just to show the weapons but I'll be more than happy to make some for you :)

Do you have anything particular in mind? Any specific type of character? if you can tell me what types of characters you want I'll gladly do it.



Something like this? just some ideas.

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Wow your pixel art style is just amazing !

I love the ones in your reply, but honestly I don't actually have any project of making a game with pixel art (but I'd like to, I love pixel style !)

In fact I'm working on a game right now (the jam version is avalaible in my profile) and since it's was for a jam I didn't think much about the graphical style, just picked some assets that was in my folders.

So maybe, but just if you want to of course, maybe we could collaborate ? I'd like to see a pixel sprite for the main character :3

EDIT : oh and before you make anything, I'd like to know if you are okay with it so I can clarify what I want^^

Thank you very much :)

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Hi.  I'll gladly make some characters for you if you tell me what you want. There's just two things I need to clarify

1. I am going to be busy with a game jam this weekend so I'll only be able to start working on the characters next week :/ (but i will do them if you want)

2. I'm not a vary good animator so if you also want the characters animated I can still do it but they wont be very well animated, I will only be able to do a few characters and it will take quite long :(. that said, I'll be happy to upload the source files and you could animate them yourself or find someone else to do it for you, I really don't mind.

On the hand if you're fine with having no animations I can do quite a lot of characters, pretty quickly (I'd prefer doing more characters with no animations but it's really up to you) 

So you can decide and let me know :)

It is a pity Itch.io doesn't have some sort of private messaging system, so I wont be able keep you posted regularly but hey if you tell me what you want I'll probably start working on it as soon as the game jam is over

Also, when you said you wanted to see a pixel sprite of the main character, I just assumed it was the main character from your game, so here you go :D

PS: sorry for the SUPER LONG reply


THANK YOU SO MUCH, I'm sooo glad I found you !

In fact I already thought about all this, and I came up with a great idea : I can create a Google Sheet and share it with you only so we can talk and upload things privately (I don't have social media) is this okay with you ?

And just don't pressure yourself, you are doing this freely for me so I won't impose a deadline or something like this, just do it when it's possible for you, really (and anyway I'm not in a rush, so take your time^^) even if it's for next month or more !

Speaking of animations, yeah I can do this myself if I have the sources, but I may need some specific poses (like running for example) so if you could just do some key poses then it would be easy for me to add transitions and animate properly^^

Again it would be much better if we could talk about this in another place, so let me know if that Google Sheet idea corresponds you.

And thank you, really, because I can't pay an artist/draw pixel art myself, I always have to tweak some assets and aaah this reply is going to turn into a book ! Well, to resume I'm very very thankful to you ! I'll give you a big spot in my game credits !

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Yeah, sounds like a good idea; I don’t have any social media accounts either. I’ve personally never used Google Sheets but I’m sure we can make it work :)

Let me know if there’s anything you need from me to set up google sheets, Like I said before I will be participating in a game jam until Tuesday, so I wont be able to start working till after it’s done but we can chat over the weekend and discuss a general plan of action.

Also, I’m glad the animation problem worked out fine but as I said,  if you can get everything set up then we can talk it over during the weekend :D

Your character work here in the comments is amazing! Do you have any YT videos or anything of how you do them? I'm in love with the girl with the white hair, and I love the dude in the hoodie. He seems like he would be an awesome "average Joe" hero!!! Cheers!

Hey man, so glad you like the characters :D To answer your question: no I don't have any videos or tutorials. I really only do pixel art for fun and for my personal projects so I'm really not any kind of expert on the subject. 

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, however, I'd be more then happy to drop you some links to some resources that I've found very helpful when making pixel art, just let me know if that would be useful to you.



Nice!   What is the license?

Hey! I don't know what the licence would be technically, but you can do what ever you want with it: modify, redistribute the modified work, use in free and commercial projects, no credit is required but appreciated.

Glad you like it :)