A downloadable game for Windows

Superdark Studios presents... a video game by the same name!  

A small game I made for Ludum Dare 44, my first game jam and my first finished game!

But there was a problem with the LD website (servers were full) and I don't know if the game was submitted  to the Ludum Dare web page properly  (not their fault though)  : ( 

How to play? Kill absolutely EVERYTHING! and don't die

The theme of the jam was "Your life is currency" so, shooting, dashing and picking up weapons all cost health  


  • W,S,A,D to move
  • left mouse button to shoot
  • right mouse button to dash
  • best played with a mouse and keyboard (haven't tested with other controllers ) 

most of the art was from 0x72's awesome Dungeon Tileset II 

I did use some other assets from Itch,io but I was too busy, tired and out off time to check all the names and give proper credit, so if you see, or hear something you recognize and you made it I want to say thank you very much and keep up the good work ; ) 

I will try and add a mac build as soon as possible.

Warning! The game is buggy, not anything game breaking but it does get in the way of the screen, I worked right up to the last minute of the deadline and never got time to fix the bugs (they're not errors, just warnings) 

- thanks

Install instructions

Download and unzip


Superdark.rar 15 MB